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Introducing our stunning Butterfly earrings, meticulously handmade with the vibrant image of the mesmerizing Morpho butterfly. In many cultures, seeing a Blue Morpho butterfly is believed to bring good luck and grant wishes. Butterflies are also associated with spiritual transformation, making this piece a perfect gift for someone going through a significant life change, or for those seeking a little extra positivity in their lives. Add a touch of beauty and meaning to your jewelry collection with our Leverbacks Butterfly earrings.



Total lenght: 6 cm

Size Butterfly: 3 cm



Silver: Solid sterling silver, Spinel, Paper, PU-varnish.

Gold: 18kt Gold-plated metal, Spinel, Paper, PU-varnish.


Delivery Time:

In Stock: 1-2 Days

Pre-order: 3-4 weeks


Leverbacks Butterfly

PriceFrom 165,00€
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