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How to measure your ring size:


In case you don't have a ring at hand

1. Cut a strip of regular paper.

2. Wrap it around your finger and pull it as tight as you would like the ring to be.

3. Mark where the paper overlaps.

4. Lay the strip of paper flat and measure the length in millimeters (this is your finger’s circumference).

5. Match your finger’s circumference with the right ring size in our size guide. If your ring is between two sizes we advise to size up. 


In case you have a ring at hand

1. Print our ring size guide at 100%. To verify if the page is printed correctly, match a ruler with the 2 centimeter scale on the guide.
2. Choose a ring fitting the same finger on the same hand as the ring you intend to buy. 
3. Place this ring on the circles. The diameter of the circle has to have the exact same diameter as the interior of your own ring.

The black circle needs to stay visible when you place your ring on the circles. If your ring is between two sizes we advise to size up. 

Atelier 11 cannot be held responsible for any mismeasurement due to these sizing instructions. 

When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at

Size guide to measure your ring size based on an existing ring
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