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Soldiers, super heroes & rock 'n roll!

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Weak become heroes

I will be King, and you, you will be Queen.
Though nothing will drive them away.
We can be heroes just for one day.

For all the heroes out and on the way. We all sing.



Heroes fan from day 1. And even long before…

Gino is wearing: Ring Baby I’m A Star, ring Daenerys, earring King of My Castle. And some tattoos, too.

Picture by @ibrahimelci_

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Marcel Vanthilt

Arbeid Adelt!, MTV VJ, Belgian TV,... I guess we don't need to explain why Marcel Vanthilt is a Hero.

Marcel is wearing: Ring Till Death Do Us Apart, Ring Daenerys, Ring Chekmate.

Picture by @ibrahimelci_

Tamino Tummy.jpg


Belgian singer who just dropped his debut album. He is ready to become a hero.

Tamino is wearing a crown and necklace created for this video.

Styling by #adriengrasfashioneditor